Being You Unapologetically is Confidence!

Are you Creative, Highly Intuitive Conscious Healer, Coach and Soulful Speaker & Writer?

It's a headache seeing your to-do-list growing, things are pilling up, aren't getting completed, your email is untidy AND you have way too much on your plate. A helpful hand is what you need, especially when your feeling OVERWHELMED and RESISTING your to-do-list!

You don't have to do ALL your MAGIC on your own! You can make more money and make a bigger difference being yourself + delegate Gorgeous.

Are you spending your time, your valuable hours on doing things that suck the soul out of you: social media scheduling, designing your own graphics, emailing your content out every day? You are wasting your precious time and money!

Your time is extremely valuable. So, STOP wasting it!

You need to focus what you do best, your magic and do your soul work than be freaking out about the little details of your back office. You need someone you can trust do their magic so you can stand out confidently doing your magic!

And this is where iHerBrand comes in....

Brand Design & Message

Create a stand out brand, and transcend your message

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Virtual Assistant

Hire a Visibility & Virtual Assistant to come in, support you in your back office and see your transform

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Social Media

Stand out online with your own personalised, branded social media graphics that WOW

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Wow! Erial has been such a ray of light for my business. Before I hired her I felt like I was bogged in mud, swamped with all the dreary tasks that I hate doing. Erial's genius zone was my bogged and stuck zone! She is proactive and takes charge, creating a new space for me to focus on what I am truly great at - Building the business and serving clients. HIRE ERIAL!

Patrick & Priscilla

Confidence is Power. Visibility is Now. Be Visible!


You are the Magic in Your Business

Hi, I’m Erial Wheeler I help creative entrepreneurs become highly visible to their clients who are ready to do the work, commit and transform.

You are ready to step up, stand out but you don't have the support you need to help you expand your brand. 
You want to become highly visible but you don't know how and your time is limited. 
You want to create more cash flow, offer more products and services in your business.|
You desire to grow a team that supports your vision!

I'm here to uplift you, see you stand up confidently while supporting you behind the scenes and see your brand transcend. You are born to win!

Imagine having a team that supports you, believes in your vision and wants to see you win?
Imagine running a business where you focus on what you do best, rather than worrying about emails, sales pages, graphic design, branding and all that jazz!

You are here to create a brand that stands out, do your magic and impact the world. 

Imagine your team creating more space for you so you can have more fun, go to events and actually enjoy yourself. 
Imagine freeing up more of your time to speak, write, coach, travel and do all the things that your soul craves - instead of having to freak-out about "I need to post this on Facebook, blog and then take a snapshot for Instagram." 
Imagine growing your business that you love and gets results!

Running a business should be fun, exciting and creative.

Imagine every day writing, speaking and coaching knowing all your content goes out to your community with ease.
Imagine creating a community that is highly engaged in your content because you are everywhere.
Imagine presenting a webinar, an event and a workshop with ease knowing all the details are taken care of.
Imagine having your schedule filled only with soulful clients that align with what you do!

 Your writing, speaking, and coaching is more important than working in your business. Your magic is what stands out!

Imagine our team working behind the scenes uplifting you, helping you focus on your mission, creating a brand and message that stands out.

You are here to stand up, stand out confidently and shine online!
I was really struggling to prioritise my to do list as there's so much to do when you're starting out. But thanks to your guidance and direction I really feel that my business is moving forward!  You have such a way of boosting my confidence that I truly believe that I can accomplish my goals. This in itself is a big step for me. For me the biggest issue I had was navigating the minefield of email automation and you really made it seem so simple. But secondly, you have helped me understand and refine my ideal clientele and I have been able to successfully market to my niche. Thank you for all your precious time that you've put into me and my business and I look forward to working with you more in the future.

Tammy Sooveere