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Claudia Frasca-Jones

I just want to say a huge thank you to you, Erial darling. Your 5 day challenge was so much fun and taught me so much about journalling, improved my skills and made it easier and more effective for me to allow it to show up in my life, and ultimately in my business. As you taught me journalling is a gift, not only to myself but for those in my life I hold most dear, because being in flow benefits everyone, like a ripple effect. Thank you, thank you, thank you x

For me personally I found that doing the challenge has helped me to write more freely from the heart and has shown me a few things I need to change. These things will have a significant  impact on my mindset and how I treat myself and other people. I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone and Erial wheeler is a wonderfully inspiring and supportive lady to work with. My advice to you , especially if you are feeling a bit stuck is to contact Erial right now...what have you got to lose? Just do it.  Enjoy 5 days journaling from the heart. A big thank you to Erial Wheeler ...THANKYOU!

Janey Louise

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