Journaling is a gift.

The greatest gift you can give others and ultimately


This what the 5 day challenge is all about:

Journaling from the Heart!

Over the next 5 days you'll discover more about you, how your mind works, how to flow and
learn more on how to journal your way that feels right to you.

Learn how to journal with daily prompts to get you started and feeling confident in the process so you are ready for the day

Buddy up with a Journaling Bestie to help you stay accountable to your experience

Join a Facebook group where we will connect daily, and share your journaling experience as well seeing others journal and what their experiences are

Receive great insights on how journaling, manifestation and asking for what you want from the heart works - for you!

Being a part of this 5 day journaling challenge you'll:

Discover yourself

What makes you happy

What your fears are!

Remove blocks and see the world differently

Learning the roots of your beliefs so you can untangle them

Letting go and healing the past

Turn your negative self-talk into positive self-talk

Boost your confidence

Rewrite your Story & Rewrite your patterns of thinking

Know how your mind works & untangle your daily habits

Learn to journal your way

Create more cash flow

Attract Clients and have MORE clients

Improve your focus, clarity = no brain-fog!

Help you to loose weight or maintain your ideal weight

Be more productive and be more proactive

Choose the life you want to be living

And discover you, the truth, the core of who you & why that matters, to you!

Ultimately know what is truly important to you


What's Included in the FREE Challenge?

Daily Emails

Every day, you'll receive an email to help you write in your journal. And includes journaling prompts to get you started!


Daily Workbooks

You'll receive your workbook daily. The workbooks include your daily tasks, challenges and writing prompts to help you journal! Also, has a FREE belief workbook for you to help overcome any fears & blocks may pop up over the 5 days! Pretty cool, huh?!


Daily Tasks & Challenges

Every day there is tasks and challenges.


Facebook Group

Join a Facebook Group. AND, you'll be part of a highly interactive, supportive, and encouraging group of online leaders who will be there for you every step of the way


Buddy Up

Who is your Journaling Bestie? In the group having a buddy is key to helping you stay accountable to achieving what you desire in any area of you life! And you may even discover a friend and collaborate


Lifetime Access

The challenge is free and the workbooks are free lifetime access!


All you need is a pen, paper, notebook, laptop, good coffee and 30 minutes every day to journal.
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Claudia Frasca-Jones

I just want to say a huge thank you to you, Erial darling. Your 5 day challenge was so much fun and taught me so much about journalling, improved my skills and made it easier and more effective for me to allow it to show up in my life, and ultimately in my business. As you taught me journalling is a gift, not only to myself but for those in my life I hold most dear, because being in flow benefits everyone, like a ripple effect. Thank you, thank you, thank you x


Would you rather be where you are right now  OR ... take a leap AND change your life?

A deeper understanding of what you want and how to create to it into my life.

You'll be where you are right now rather than being where you want be ultimately.

You won't be where you are with ease and the journey maybe longer for you without unlocking keys to your success.

You'll be missing on opportunities that you don't see from journaling and how that actually applies to you

Leaving your success in the wind and you'll never know what true potential is.

Knowing you who you are and how you can overcome things in your life that has led you back from wanting what you truly want.

You'll be always playing the same drum and living to the same drum beat that you were taught.

For me personally I found that doing the challenge has helped me to write more freely from the heart and has shown me a few things I need to change. These things will have a significant  impact on my mindset and how I treat myself and other people. I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone and Erial wheeler is a wonderfully inspiring and supportive lady to work with. My advice to you , especially if you are feeling a bit stuck is to contact Erial right now...what have you got to lose? Just do it.  Enjoy 5 days journaling from the heart. A big thank you to Erial Wheeler ...THANKYOU!
Janey Louise

 Knowing that you are in the right place:

You're new to journaling and have no clue as to where to begin

You’ve tried to journal but you’ve never really ‘got-it’ so you’re feeling lost and confused

You love to discover more about journaling, how it works and see more results

You have kick-ass goals, manifesting and want to expand more to know yourself even more.!

Ready to discover the next level in your journaling and Up-It-Gorgeous!