WHO AM IS iHerBrand?

is about YOU, your BRAND, your PRODUCT and creating your CASH FLOW

15032268_10154707327238524_7751364815625116000_nErial Wheeler is the Soulful Creative Lady Boss - building her passionate based business from her darkness to knowing what her true passion is:

healing the world through her writing, helping you manifest of your cash flow, create your soulful branding, and help you be visible to launch online programs, courses and digital products for your raving fans all around the world. 

Erial's journey began when she became a Mum (almost three years ago) and realised that her dreams of returning to work with PND (Postnatal Depression) were becoming less a reality.

Determined to pursue her passion for writing to show others the way, and build a better life for her daughter, Erial she went on to founding iHerBrand.com - the place for creative entrepreneurs and change makers.

Erial's passion is helping online change makers (leaders) like you to be more visible, design products and services you believe in that impacts the world while creatingyour cash flow and live the life you desire - on your terms.

Now, a speaker, a coach and writer, she is the 'make shite happen' soulful creative lady boss behind many successful online businesses..

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