Be ready to WOW your raving fans with your new shop makeover!

Because this will help you get results, see your shop thriving, you’ll discover ravings fans who will love your amazing products and services. And you will make a massive impact your life and your fans.

ou dream about creating a business online to share your products and service to the world. But you aren’t so sure where to sell them, what platform to use and how to attract raving fans that rave about your shop.

I know  exactly how you feel because I was once there:


I followed everyone else and still... scratching my head wondering why it was not working for me.

I had people telling that there was no way you could create an income to feed your family from selling on eBay, Etsy and your own website. I listened to those Nay-Sayers for years until one day I SAID:

I'm SERIOUS about turning my hobby into a THRIVING BUSINESS.

You know it was freaking hard starting out with testing platforms and selling different products until I finally found the right product and platform - that works for me.

I CREATED PRODUCTS, digital and handmade.

You know, I HUSTLED HARD ALL DAY EVERY DAY BECAUSE MY SHOP WAS ACTIVELY SELLING 24/7. I then started seeing results: the cash flow, more sales, more raving fans and began really loving the buzz.



 Gorgeous, Are You...


* Serious about starting your online business but putting all the pieces together is just overwhelming right?

* You are scratching your head wondering why your products and services aren’t selling. And why your shop is attracting no buyers.

* You are doing all the guesswork with selling your products, services and you just don’t know who your fans are and what the heck branding is!

* You want to create your own images, take photos yet you seem totally lost what on you should be doing because everyone’s shop looks amazing and so does their product and services images.


* You are disappointed, and frustrated with your shop because even with little to no cash flowing in!

* Everyone else is making money online and you can’t work out why you aren’t attracting your raving fans.

* You want to attract your ideal fans however you're not sure where they are, how to get their attention and get them to click ‘buy now’.

* You are on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter but your graphics are not attracting the right fans to your business and you're wondering what’s up!

* You are stuck with making an inconsistent flow of income online and you want to turn this business into a thriving store that’s creating cash flow.

You deserve to give your online shop the makeover it needs to attract your dream clients and create consistent cash flow month after month.


So, what exactly is makeover my online shop?


My aim is to teach you how to create an online shop that attracts your true fans, convert them into buyers so you are making a consistent income and you have an online business that is you.

6 weeks to create a rocking empire that will change your shop, your life, and create, the income you desire.

A makeover is truly discovering what you're passionate about, how to create a product or service that attracts your ideal fans, so you can make a consistent flow of income and set up an online shop you're raving fans will rave about - and so will you!

This process is rather simple.  I will walk you through from A to Z. Teach you how to do it so you can be totally rocking your shop with ease.

Firstly, let's answer some questions I get asked? A lot.


Having a Makeover Will Do:


Create an online shop
that raving fans will love, that you love too and you’ll want to show up every day in.
Make a consistent
flow of income for you from knowing what you're passionate about.
Discovering What Your
true message is in your online that represents you, so you’ll have a shop name with imaginary that is truly in alignment with you and your products.
Teach You How To
take that perfect photo so your fans know what the heck your products and services because someone taught you how to capture their eye.
Find Your True Raving Fans
and know who they are so you attract them to your online shop.
Position You on a Platform
that is perfect for your online products and services so you are attracting your raving fans and turn them into buyers.


So How Do We Do This…


 STEP 1 - You and I will brainstorm over Skype chatting about your what your passions are, how we can turn them into products and services that your fans will love. In doing so, we will define who your ideal raving fans.

STEP 2- This is the fun part. Let’s create your business name and message that resonates with your fans, you and your inner message.

STEP 3 - We design your shop’s image, your logo, headers, banners and social media content to get you positioned in front of your fans so you are visible and attracting them in.

STEP 4 - Choosing the right platform for your products and services so you are positioned in the right way for you to seen, heard and found.

STEP 5 - Discover how to attract your raving fans that buy through taking photos, creating images that reel in buyers.

STEP 6 - Learn how to create a consistent flow of income from your store so you are living from your passion.


Also ...


6 Calls over 6 weeks 1:1 with me over Skype
All our calls are rescheduled. Check out the bonuses for more goodies!
Discover Your True Message
Find your true message and what you are passionat about so you can turn your passion into a thriving online shop
Create Your Online Shop Name and Discover Your Ideal Fan
Let's create your shop online that attracts your fans and know who they are
Choose the Right Platform for Your Online Shop
Research the best platforms for your products and services to attract raving fans
Graphic School
Online teaching to show you how to create amazing images, logos, headers, banners and social media content to really ignite your shop sales and attract your fans
Photography School
Learn how to take that perfect shot for your products and flaunt them so your fans buy. (Digital products will be included the graphic school).




So over $999 Rocking of Value! Plus not to mention the bonuses.

Set Up Shop on a Platform of Your Choosing!
Let's get you online, selling your products and services to your raving fans. If you already have an online store, great, we can check out your website and attract more business for you.
Join Us in Savvy Women Rock Online Community - free!
Savvy women sell amazing products, services that stand out. It's a thriving group with rockstars!
1 Follow Up Session
A full follow up session after 2 weeks to check you are on track
Lifetime Access to the Trainings
You will receive lifetime access to all the tools, resources and trainings including recordings of our Skype chats!


Are You Excited About Getting a Makeover of Your Online Shop?



But here’s the thing: this package is not for everyone, and I totally get that - I also have a limited number of clients monthly I can take on because they require a lot of my love, so if you are wondering whether this is right for you, then let’s help you decide:



Is the Makeover Right for You?


If you are just starting out, looking to turn your ideas into creations and into a business that creates you full-time cash flow month to month, then is for you.

If you have a product or service idea, but you are overwhelmed on where to start, and how to turn it into a thriving online business, then this is for you.

If you are a service based business wanting to really ignite your business and turn your business into a thriving business full of raving fans, then this is for you.

If you are struggling with attracting raving fans into your shop who will buy your products or services,  then this is for you.

If you are wondering how to design your business logos, headers and take that perfect photo, then this is for you.

If you are on Ebay, Etsy, Woo Commerce and Big Commerce, Shopify and you have your own online shop, then this is for you.

If you are truly ready to attract more sales, more fans and create more cash flow month to month, then this is for you.



What’s the investment?


$449 for the first 6 savvy Kings & Queens


(extended payment options available)



What's the next step, gorgeous?


If you’re ready to WOW your raving fans with an amazing makeover and start seeing ass-kicking results, then the next step is to click the YES button below and let’s get started.


I only have room for 6 Kings & Queens who are ready to step up and do what it takes
Is that you?


I want to make sure you are the perfect fit, that I can actually help you, get kick ass results and return on your investment.
Once we chat, gorgeous, if we're both happy, then I'll send you the details to make payment and then, we'll go from there.

Are you ready to WOW your raving fans with your new shop makeover?

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